Why People Get Tattoos: Claudia’s Story – Grandma, Mother and Niece

Why People Get Tattoos: Claudia’s Story – Grandma, Mother and Niece

Claudia is an extraordinary person that has a strong passion for tattoos. This passion grows when expressing her thoughts and feelings as a result of different moments of her life.

One of the latest and most beautiful tattoos was done by tattoo artist Luke Poposek, that works at the tattoo shop “Addikted to Ink” in Melbourne, Australia.

But, why Claudia decided to get a new tattoo? As a result of a recent event, Claudia felt that was time to commemorate the most important persons in her life and the way to do it was through a tattoo. Finding the right tattoo artist was not easy. Even though, the design looks somehow simple, it was not an easy task, as no artist was keen enough to try and give it a go, she said.

Why people get tattoos: Claudia's Story
Grandma, Mother and Niece.

Claudia’s tattoo is composed by three rings surrounding her right forearm. The upper and bigger ring represents her grandmother, the middle ring represents her mom and the last but not least ring represents her niece. These three beautiful women marked a very important role on her life so it was important to commemorate them as well. But why the right arm? Well, these three women were characterized for being strong and supportive, the same characteristics that her right arm has.

Something important that Claudia mentioned was, that there was no other better way to express her idea and feelings without shouting out a single word, specially when deciding the area where the tattoo needed to be inked.

Claudia’s story has demonstrated that there is no need to define a very complicated design to show off her feelings, and still make her feel like all the strength and perseverance of three great women will still be with her, forever.

We thank Claudia for sharing her story, as this will help other tattoo lovers to take that ink step.

Let the force be with you, Claudia.








Forearm tattoos for girls

Forearm tattoos for girls

“Men are from Mars and women are from Venus” is the old saying. When a man gets a forearm tattoo, the first thing that comes to mind is, does this look cool and masculine?; on the other hand, when a woman goes the first thing that comes to mind is, does the forearm tattoo look cute and how will it look down the line? Women are thinkers and not gung-ho and the forearm tattoos are one of the most visual tattoo to get. Deciding to get one means you will be wearing it like a badge of honor.

The forearm tattoos below are made special for girls. The beauties below will have your mind racing with plenty of possibilities on these tattoos for girls. Take a look at them and around the site for ideas, but be sure to throw in some ideas from yourself to help elevate the look of these forearm tattoos, even higher or make them even more special.


Pink tulips forearm tattoosforearm tattoos


Pink rose with Mehndi design surrounding.

Think about every time you shook someone’s hand how often your forearm was showing. Everytime right? yes, forearm are hands down one of the first things noticed about a person after shaking someone’s hand because the forearm is right there and having a forearm tattoo will be noticed!.

Hummingbird holding a flower forearm tattoo.
forearm tattoos


Nice full sleeve forearm tattoo extending to upper arm covered with Mehndi inspired designs.
forearm tattoos

The benefit of this type of tattoo is the simple ease of covering the forearm tattoo for work purposes or job interviews. That is why when a person is getting a tattoo for the first time to remember that ease of hiding the tattoo should be taken into account for the simple fact that sadly, we don’t live in a world where everyone is so accepting. That is why a forearm tattoo is such a great pick for a girl due to the fact of hidden art.

Faith and sticking together forearm tattoo.
forearm tattoos


Mehndi flower forearm tattoo.
forearm tattoos


Black work bouquet of flowers forearm tattoo.

forearm tattoos


Standing next to her.


Mehndi inspired flower.

forearm tattoos


Circle Landscape with man’s best friend.

forearm tattoos


Single black flower forearm tattoo.

forearm tattoos


Blue mehndi flower forearm tattoo.

forearm tattoos


Mehndi heart design forearm tattoo.

forearm tattoos


Single forearm tattoo.

forearm tattoos


Very detailed Mehndi design.
forearm tattoos

Thigh tattoos for women

Thigh tattoos for women

The benefit of having a thigh tattoos opposed to tattoos that are just uncoverable. That is the simple fact of just the ease of being able to cover the ink and being able to show off the work in the right places only. It is like having a little secret, no-one knows about, except you, your friends or that special someone in your life. Sadly, we live in a day in age where tattoos are not fully accepted as art giving the wrong impression to others.

Getting a thigh tattoos is not an easy decision. Commonly, thigh tattoos are more popular among women as they are naturally the more worrisome due to the fact that they are nurturers want to see the upside and downside to all situations and getting a bad tattoo can hand down be one of the biggest mistakes a women can make due to the fact it is irreversible. This is not a small decision, but a monumental decision that will actually affect the way you look.

A women’s body with or without tattoos is a work of art in itself and to have an artist cover a women’s body in ink can enhance the already beautiful body. When picking out tattoos, a person needs to decide not only on the type of tattoo, but also the size of the art and body part on which the tattoo will forever be placed. The tattoos on this post are for the specific body part, the thigh. A woman’s thighs hands down are their most seductive part and these thigh tattoos displayed in this post will give you great ideas on designs that will most definitely enhance your thighs to make your already beautiful body into a spectacular one.

Women's art gallery
This is a great example on how to maximize the space on your legs. Every tattoo is so thoughtful and beautiful.


thigh tattoo
Water paint dragonfly.


thigh tattoos
Three Amigos.


Thigh tattoos
The eye of the tiger.


thigh tattoos
Ying yang cats


thigh tattoos
Decorated moon.


thigh tattoos
Pink flowers.


thigh tattoos
White wale.


thigh tattoos
Combination of moon and water.


thigh tattoos
Sweet gray flower.


Thigh tattoos
Tribal power elements with Sun and the Moon always connected.


Sisterly love tattoos

Sisterly love tattoos

The tattoos here are to show off sisterly love. Love tattoos represent partners in crime as kids and as adults. These sisterly tattoos represent love for one to another.

Tattoos are usually something done based on individual preference and often used to celebrate a special moment or as a personal artistic expression type of thing. There is truly no pack closer than family no matter how annoying big sister and brother were throughout the years; in the end no-one truly has your back like siblings. Here are love tattoos for girls (for now)  that show off sisterly love. Thru expression of art on the body or tattoos for short. I hope you enjoy these special sisterly love tattoos and I hope they give you the inspiration to call up you tango partner to go out and get one.


Always there to listen to this a great sister love tattoo.

love tattoos


Big and little sister love tattoo.

love tattoos


Moon and Sun are nothing without each other sister love tattoo.

love tattoos


Arrows point to the star sister love tattoo.

love tattoos


Always remember sharing the swing sister love tattoo.

love tattoos


Ohana means family sister love tattoo.

love tattoos


Different, but the same sister love tattoo.

love tattoos

Henna Tattoo Designs for Women

Henna Tattoo Designs for Women

A henna tattoo or also know as temporary tattoos are a hot commodity right now. Somehow, people has considered the fact that henna designs are tattoos. In fact, doing a little bit of research, the word “tattoo” is applied when there is a “body modification” where a design is made when injecting ink underneath the dermis (more facts about tattoos, read the Tattoo Facts article). Considering this fact, we can say that a henna designs should not be considered within the tattoo terminology as the henna art doesn’t require to inject any foreign substance underneath your skin.

Even though, a henna tattoo would be out of the classification as tattoo, the concept has become very popular within the female gender. Many women, specially in India (where the henna art started), have considered this technique as a transformation of their ideas by placing them over their bodies as a way to express their thoughts.

This is hands down something you should try before venturing onto the real deal. A henna tattoo can lasts for days and even a few weeks if well preserved, so that you could make up your mind before getting a real tattoo. We have selected and share a few henna designs that you may find very beautiful and inspiring.

Flowers upon flowers.

henna tattoo

Headpiece Design.

henna tattoo


Beautiful Design.

henna tattoo


Shoulder Design.

henna tattoo


Thigh Design.

henna tattoo


Upper back Design.

henna tattoo

Many people are starting to venture off in getting a tattoo done, but the fact is with more people getting a tattoo the more bad tattoos are being done. Having a henna tattoo being done before actually getting a permanent tattoo is the easiest way to test the waters before permanently changing your body.

Ankle design.

henna tattoo


Whole Design sleeve.

henna tattoo


Wrist Design piece.

henna tattoo


Flower cross Design.

henna tattoo

60 Amazing Tiny Tattoos for Girls

60 Amazing Tiny Tattoos for Girls

Tiny tattoos will look a bit different on a man that a woman, of course, depends on the piece of art. It is no secret that women are smaller than men physically, but, what is stronger between a shot of vodka and a beer? Nowadays, women are coming out of their shell and showing up how tough they are, by competing with men in all sorts of aspects. One of them is with tattoos as it looks pretty much more beautiful, no matter the size, isn’t it?  It is just plain and simple girls, are simply more bad ass than ever before.

To create some ideas and bring some inspiration, here are some tiny tattoos that you would definitively love.


Purple moon, what a nice tiny tattoo.

tiny tattoos


Pink flower tiny tattoo.

tiny tattoos

Getting tiny tattoos is very different for the opposite sexes. For men, they are pretty much gun hoe about the situation and will go all out for their first tattoo. They will get a huge dragon or tiger covering their back, which I appreciate as a tattoo enthusiast, but too ballsy for me literally. Women are again very emotional but take the time to make certain choices that can affect them for life and think of consequences of their actions different and want something small, yet cute for their first tattoo.

We know that our solar system is very vast but it looks very beautiful on this forearm.

tiny tattoos


Heart on the ring finger. Such a beauty for such a tiny tattoo.

tiny tattoos


Cute and simple.

tiny tattoos


Someone loves music.

tiny tattoos


Ankle flower tattoo.

tiny tattoos

Women, naturally, have that raw emotion that men don’t have. Motherly instinct that gets them thru tough times. Women have it in their mind to tough it out for their cub. Yes, women are tiny but extremely fierce. Consider that tiny tattoos could cause the same effect if tattooed on the right spot.

Very cute tiny tattoo.

tiny tattoos


Stepping into outer space.

tiny tattoos


Tiny flower tattoo.

tiny tattoos

20 girl power tattoos

20 girl power tattoos


Girls are strong, Girls are capable, and Girls Rule. 

Women were the most oppressed thru out history and finally, the women of the world are refusing to let it stand by and are making a stand for equal rights. At one point in time women were told to stay at home and be stay at home moms and are not capable of working amongst men and now that is taking a full-on swing in the other direction. Girls are coming together and working together to progressively get equal rights for women. Women are more badass than ever before and are showing it thru girl power tattoos. Before it was seen as just men good be tough and rough and now women are competing with men for the same roles as rough and tough. Women are showing off by working the same jobs in the same environment alongside men and showing some of them up as well. For too long women were seen as weak and needed to be taken care of and it just simply isn’t true. The power of women working together is just as strong as men working together. Girls are forming together getting Girl power tattoos to show off they are part of the movement and down with the cause. Girl power is the knew movement amongst women and showing off some of the girl power tattoos are one way of showing how down for the cause women are. Below are some girl power tattoos.



Neo girl power.

Girls are mighty!


Girls are love.


Girls to the front indeed unity.


Floral girl power.




Pledge allegiance.


Power to ya!


Your right!



Right on!


Classic Girl Power.


Girls united are power.






Girl power fist.


My mom described perfectly.


Cute, but strong.


Beautiful, yet powerful united.


Triangle with girl symbol.


Venus symbol with rose.


Under-boob girl power symbol.


Girl gang.

Girl power ribbon.


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20 Cute Tiny Tattoos

20 Cute Tiny Tattoos

Tiny tattoos are getting popular in many people as they are nowhere near taboo as they once were and that is a great thing because tattoos are a way a person expresses themselves.

Getting big tattoos can be fascinating if you are willing to face the pain for some hours, but tiny tattoos, takes time and effort to ensure that it’s the right tattoo to make sure it’s something the person wants and is fully committed to getting the tattoo.

Big tattoos should always be a person’s 4th or 5th one. Something small and easy to cover, if needed, should always be the first tattoo. The simple fact that you might regret it down the line. No-one is perfect, no tattoo is perfect and, even thou you think the idea you have envisioned is great and the shop artist are perfect, the fact of the matter is it is always better safe than sorry and having tiny tattoos is always better option than going all out with a big tattoo that is just unable to be hidden.

There are small ones and some people are able to go big for their first tattoos. This tiny tattoos will give an idea of what a small tattoo can be. Just because the tattoo is tiny doesn’t mean it can signify something great and big.

Just to give you some fresh ideas and trends regarding tiny tattoos, please take your time and look over these to help you decide on which tattoo is great for a tiny first timer.


Tiny and adorable cute tattoos. 

cute tiny tattoo


Bite size watermelon cute tattoos.



Cute flower cute tattoos.



Small pineapple cute tattoos.



Tiny butterfly followed by a tinier one cute tattoos.



So subtle cute tattoo.



A small cup of coffee, please!



Tiny paw.



Water-color butterfly cute tattoo.



Small and beautiful.



Tiny black and gray flowers and plane.



Small, but this cupcake look delicious.



To anchor her foot to the earth.

anchor tiny tattoo


Could have double meaning, depending on the way you look at it.

tiny tattoos cross


Great tiny tattoo to represent power.

tiny tattoos crown


Not sure what is saying here but looks okay if has a meaning.tiny tattoos


Great way to find the true north.tiny tattoos

If you liked these tiny tattoos, check the following article to find tattoos just for girls:

60 Amazing Tiny Tattoos for Girls


Beautiful tattoos for women

Beautiful tattoos for women

When thinking of getting beautiful tattoos on your body, the first thing that should ring in your head is the fact that it will be there for ever (unless you remove it with laser, which is very painful). Once you’re passed this step, the fun part of looking thru a bunch of designs and ideas is up. I have always said that when getting a tattoo what you should be thinking of is wanting to make sure it has a meaning, a reason behind (if you want to know why people get tattoos, click here) and making sure it is a beautiful tattoo. The tattoo should enhance your beauty and in a way, be an accessory to your body. A terrible one, can make yourself look like a laughing stock.

On this site, we just like to show off beautiful tattoos to help you focus on a certain ideas. All of the beautiful tattoos should have something added with a little flavor from yourself. These tattoos below are some ideas just for women. Hope to inspire some ideas of what to get for your future tattoos and hope to also make sure you don’t regret any tattoo because remember tattoos are permanent.

The forest inside the butterfly such a beautiful tattoo.



Abstract reindeer.



The watercolor fox amazing beautiful tattoo.



The contrast in color is so neat.



A cute house inside a pineapple beautiful tattoo.



The contemporary art tattoo.



The watercolor peacock.




Geometric design tattoos.



Beautiful tattoo little kitty cat!



Simply pretty.


20 Awesome Blue Tattoo designs

20 Awesome Blue Tattoo designs

When picking out a tattoo one of the biggest factors is having the right color scheme and these 20 blue tattoo designs will show you awesome tattoos along with just how much variety there is when it comes just to the color blue in tattooing. Remember to make sure you have the right color scheme and have an idea of what exactly how it will look on your skin or it could end in a bad tattoo experience. Here are some awesome blue tattoo designs.


Blue flowers


The big blue flower with greater design and shows you variety in blues.


Blue Christmas indeed.


Blue feather.



Blue tulip. 


Not single snowflake is the same and neither are these!


I wonder if I scanned the blue bar code how much it would ring up.


1 fish.. 2 fish.. Blue fish!


Blue dream catcher.


I prefer blue reindeer from now on.


Roses are red and these violets are amazingly blue.


This one has me thinking…


This along with the blue snowflakes have me really restless for Christmas.


Blue wing.


Remember I told you about how many different blue schemes there are right?


This blue wolf tattoo just amazes me.


This one makes me look at water drops different now.


Violets again!


Blue reindeer seem to be very popular and very easy on the eyes!


Four moons all blue!!


Very detailed blue violets with a settle shade of blue.