Tattoos to Cover Stretch Marks: the Art of Camouflage

Using Tattoos to Transform Stretch Marks. Besides covering up self harm scars, you may be looking for something different such as tattoos to cover stretch marks.

You may also be wondering if you can tattoo over stretch marks. Well, below we explain what to consider before getting a tattoo on those undesired marks.

Tattoos to cover Stretch Marks

Tattoos over Stretch Marks: Background

Stretch marks occur as our bodies grows, especially when gaining weight. During pregnancy, women develop stretch marks extensively (mainly on the belly) and other parts of the body in order to accommodate the baby. You certainly can cover stretch marks with tattoos, although you need to take few precautions to ensure your tattoo is done properly.

The skin area on which stretch marks appear is basically broken, which is why fresh stretch marks appear more visible in red, purple or pink color. With time, the stretch marks heal and start to fade.

Tattoo on ribs

As with other tattoos meant to cover up scars such as self harm ones, it is imperative that you look for a professional tattoo artist that specialize in covering stretch marks.

Healing Time and Stretch Mark Tattoo Camouflage

One of the most common questions from tattoo lovers is “how long does it take for a scar to heal?” Long short story, there are different factors that influence the healing process, such as type of skin, size, depth of the affected area and location of the scar.

It is advisable to wait for your stretch marks to heal for at least a year before you can tattoo over them. Healed stretch marks will take ink better without the risk of your tattoo appearing distorted after.

A good tattoo artist will assess the possibility of a tattoo and give advise if the tattoo is feasible.

Tattoo over stretch marks

Tattoos are permanent and can act as a camouflage if required, but consider the fact that removing them can be a painful and expensive procedure (check here to review the best tattoo numbing creams before and after a tattoo). You should not rush into tattooing over your stretch marks, especially if your marks are still fresh or have the characteristic explained before.

Patience is your best allied over the healing process. In the mean time, do your research and have a look to beautiful designs that could fit onto the area that you want tattooed.

Common Tattoos to Cover Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can cover an extensive area and the tattoo, thus, needs to be elaborate enough to cover the entire area effectively.

The most common tattoo designs for stretch marks are flower cover up tattoos with elaborated petals (review beautiful flowery designs), which are very easy to use and design for long scar or stretch marks areas.

Tattoo & stretch mark

Tattoos have certainly transformed from being just body art to a functional way used to cover up many types of scars.

Tattoo artists have mastered the art of helping individuals with tattoos to cover stretch marks resulting from surgery and naturally occurring to beautiful ink designs. So, can you tattoo over stretch marks? Yes! If you are sure that what you want is a permanent tattoo over stretch marks, you should go for it.

Stretch marks & tattoos

When done properly on healed stretch marks, your tattoo will be a beautiful piece of art to behold and you will no longer have to see those marks on your skin.

When tattooing over stretch marks, the artist needs to figure out how to work along the marks and never against them. The idea is to make the tattoo blend-in with the stretch marks.

The tattoo may need to have a deeper color and texture to camouflage the stretch marks, which requires the artists to go over the area several times.


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