Tattoos & Scars: The Art of Tattoos to Cover Self Harm Scars

Tattoos to cover self harm scars can be done professionally and successfully.Most scars come from painful experiences such as surgical procedures, a disease, an accident or self harm.


Scars in any part of our bodies usually have a story about something that we have gone through (check some cool stories about why people get tattoos). Over time, the wounds heal but the scars are a constant reminder of that experience.

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Can you Tattoo Over Scars?

Covering scars is an option for people who love tattoos, and view them as a beautiful form of expressing art. The number one question for people who are looking to disguise their scars is, can you tattoo over scars? The answer is yes.

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Scars vary depending on the extent to which, they cover a particular part of the body. Professional tattoo artists can use their skills and creativity to help cover up a scar, to a point, where it is almost invisible. The artists can also tattoo over large scars which may still remain visible but disguised in beautifully colored patterns.

What to consider in getting tattoos to Cover Self Harm Scars?

  • Nature of the Scar

You need to consider the nature of your scars. This will help you to determine whether a tattoo will work or not. A self harm cover up tattoo is going to look better on a scar that is healed, as opposed to one that is still healing. Scars less than a year old are still healing; tattooing over it, may end up looking to a distorted tattoo.

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It would be a great idea to talk to your physician about your intention to cover up the scar with a tattoo. They will advise you on whether you can do it or wait for the scar to heal further.

  • Tattoo Artist

Take time to look for a professional tattoo artist who has the experience in covering up scars. For big scars especially, it may take a few sessions of brainstorming for the artist to come up with a creative design that covers up the entire area of the skin.

Consider as well that the scar tissue on that part of your skin may not easily take tattoo ink. It would be a good idea for your artist to try out the tattoo on one part of the skin. If the ink takes, then they can go ahead and cover up the entire area.

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Naturally, tattoos are painful to sit through but more so when done on a scarred part of your skin. In the natural process of tattooing, the artist may have to go through a spot several times to ensure than the ink has caught adequately. Obviously, this is bound to me more painful on a scarred area.


Tattoos to cover self harm scars, surgery scars and stretch marks provide relief for individuals who want to make beautiful art on parts of their skin that no longer look smooth and flawless. Tattoos allow individuals to transform their scars into something gorgeous.


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Scars and tattoo on foot

There are many tattoo artists that have mastered the art of perfect tattooing on scars. If you find tattoos to be attractive body art (click here to see some fresh and cool ideas on Tattoo & Body Art), you can explore how to cover up your scar effectively. The important thing to remember is to take caution so that, the tattoo does not lead to more scar tissue.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have some ideas on tattoos to cover self harm scars or any other type of scars, you are ready to perform due diligence all round from the artist to how well your scar is ready for the tattoo. Then you can get a tattoo that looks good and makes you feel better about your scars.


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