black and grey tattoos Tattoo designs for men sleeve 

20 Black and Grey Tattoos for Men

It is know that black and grey tattoos were initially used in the 70s and 80s by inmates that had no access to colored inks. It was believed that black and grey tattoos on an inmate represented power, control in life and reliability.The techniques used were basic and plain. With time to time, black and grey tattoos techniques were adjusted to create a sense of depth, transforming the way they looked. Nowadays, tattoos come in all type of designs, colors and sizes. Tattoos are placed on any part of the…

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30-full-back-tattoos Soulja boy tattoos 

30 Full back tattoos designs

For some tattoo enthusiasts, it will take them months and even years to decide on a tattoo. For others, they dive in with a full back tattoo to rock to the grave which I find commendable as a tattoo enthusiast. To wake up one day and know that the body you know so well will never be the same again, but ascended to the tattoo hierarchy just gives me goosebumps thinking about it all over again.   The king of the jungle. The calm vs The storm. Love birds.   What…

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Men first tattoos 

On Point Tattoo ideas – Skulls

If you were asked what do skulls represent I’m sure the first response would be death, and that is true it does represent death, but at one point in time some ancient societies thought that crystal skulls represent life and were cherished like jewelry and art pieces for how beautifully perfect the skull shape was due to the fact it was different from all other bones in the body its uniqueness was admired by all at the time.  these unique skull tattoos will now have you admiring them as the skulls…

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Tattoo designs for men sleeve 

Tribal Sleeve tattoos

If you go to the gym nine times out of ten you will see a majority of gym rats working out their arms. Arms hands down are one of the most pleasing physical features on a man. Women love a man with nice defined arms and women love arms even more when they are covered in some nice tribal sleeve tattoos. The thing about tribal tattoos is there are hundreds of different tribes with different beliefs and animals and designs that symbolize certain things in that culture. As a fan of sleeve tattoos…

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