Tattoo Facts: What to Consider when Getting a Tattoo

To understand more about tattoo facts and what to consider when getting a tattoo, here, we explain more in detail some important points on Onpoint tattoos.

From the beginning of ages, numerous cultures have used cave walls to carve their own identity, from the start to the end. At the same time, as part of their culture, they saw that their body were also a space for creativity, bringing numerous tattoo ideas and designs to represent their believes so that, they were able to interact with their gods, animals and elements. But, what exactly was considered when getting a tattoo?

Certainly, pain was not one of them, as long as the right idea and design was shaped properly.

Tattoo fact #1: HOW MUCH IS GOING TO HURT?

tattoo facts
Tattoo facts. (image source: tattoo chief).

Well, it depends on how brave you are and how well you can deal with the pain. Nevertheless, in this list of tattoo facts, it is known that some parts of your body are more susceptible to pain than others. In this case, based on the image, intimate areas, joints, ribs and nipples are the most sensitive areas and certainly, the most painful ones.

Some artist, and of course, tattooed people, describe the pain like a cat’s scratch or a dull pain running down to you body.


It is a bit of a mystery how, in reality, the ink get trapped under your skin. However, thanks to studies carried out by experts within the tattoo industry, the mystery has been clarified.

It has been concluded that the needle has to reach into the dermis, breaking through the skin between 1 and 2 millimeters. Once the needle has injected the ink drop, that is where the magic starts. But why is it so magical? Well, as you are very aware, any foreign element getting into you body will be destroyed or moved by the white cells, however, in this case the injected pigment will be too large for the white cells to destroy or move.

Now the question is, how the ink stays there? In this case, the Epidermis acts as a window and therefore, the ink can’t get out of your dermis.


The final fact within our tattoo facts list is that you should be very aware that removing a tattoo is not an easy task and could be as painful as getting tattooed. Nowadays, there are way to get rid off of the ugly and undesired tattoo such as redesigning it (like combining with a new tattoo) or going extreme and using the laser technique.

Depending on the size of the tattoo, the laser technique could be done not only in one session, it could take many session and still the affected area will look like discolored white paint. Also, would be more complicated if the tattoo is colored.

Having those two alternatives (rest assure there are other ones that could be not that pleasant), it will be definitely much better redesigning the tattoo. Check out this article (tattoo removal facts) if you want to know more about how to go with tattoo removal.

There are many reasons why we get tattooed either to honor someone or simply something we believe or admire. These tattoo facts will definitely help you out to decide where, why and the final outcome about a tattoo.

If you are still not sure if getting a tattoo is a good or bad idea, think it twice.

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