Tattoo Scabbing forearm Tattoo Care Tattoo Facts 

Tattoo Scabbing: First Signs & What to Do

Stopping the scabs on your Tattoos Your skin goes through a series of healing steps after tattooing, which often includes tattoo scabbing. Immediately after tattooing, you will notice a clear fluid coming of the freshly pricked skin. The tattoo is a fresh wound and it may sting and feel swollen. Scabbing starts when your tattoo begins to dry and heal. The severity of scabbing varies in different people but it is mostly a normal healing process after getting a tattoo. What is tattoo scabbing? Scabbing occurs when the tattooed skin…

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Tattoos to cover Stretch Marks Tattoo Facts 

Tattoos to Cover Stretch Marks: the Art of Camouflage

Using Tattoos to Transform Stretch Marks Besides covering up self harm scars, you may be looking for something different such as tattoos to cover stretch marks. You may also be wondering if you can tattoo over stretch marks. Well, below we explain what to consider before getting a tattoo on those undesired marks. Tattoos over Stretch Marks: Background Stretch marks occur as our bodies grows, especially when gaining weight. During pregnancy, women develop stretch marks extensively (mainly on the belly) and other parts of the body in order to accommodate…

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Tattoos to cover self harm scars Tattoo Body Art Tattoo Facts 

Tattoos & Scars: The Art of Tattoos to Cover Self Harm Scars

The Art of Tattoos to Cover Self Harm Scars Tattoos to cover self harm scars can be done professionally and successfully. Scars in any part of our bodies usually have a story about something that we have gone through (click here to check some cool stories about why people get tattoos). Most scars come from painful experiences such as surgical procedures, a disease, an accident or self harm. Over time, the wounds heal but the scars are a constant reminder of that experience.   Can you Tattoo Over Scars? Covering…

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is tattoo ink safe? Tattoo Facts 

Tattoo Facts: is tattoo ink safe? Risks and Precautions

Risks and precautions are important aspects that need to be covered before getting a beautiful tattoo. It comes to mind a very important question that a lot of people ask: is tattoo ink safe? If you intend to join the tattoo fashion or add one more to your precious canvas, you should perhaps take into account a factor that probably is for some people, unknown. A recognized magazine, Scientific Report, also ask the same question: is tattoo ink safe? They confirmed that the elements that make up the ink in…

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Tattoo facts Tattoo Facts 

Tattoo facts: what to consider when getting a tattoo

To understand more about tattoo facts and what to consider when getting a tattoo, here, we explain more in detail some important points on Onpoint tattoos. From the beginning of ages, numerous cultures have used cave walls to carve their own identity, from the start to the end. At the same time, as part of their culture, they saw that their body were also a space for creativity, bringing numerous tattoo ideas and designs to represent their believes so that, they were able to interact with their gods, animals and…

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