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Tattoos & Scars: The Art of Tattoos to Cover Self Harm Scars

The Art of Tattoos to Cover Self Harm Scars Tattoos to cover self harm scars can be done professionally and successfully. Scars in any part of our bodies usually have a story about something that we have gone through (click here to check some cool stories about why people get tattoos). Most scars come from painful experiences such as surgical procedures, a disease, an accident or self harm. Over time, the wounds heal but the scars are a constant reminder of that experience.   Can you Tattoo Over Scars? Covering…

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creative tattoos Tattoo Body Art 

30 Creative Tattoos that will blow your mind

When thinking of tattoos, the first thing that comes to mind is art, and the true definition of art is one’s way of being creative and imaginative. Creative tattoos are all over peoples bodies, but it will look creative as long as they believe it was placed there for a good reason. When seeing a tattoo on a person is like when you see their creative side thru ink on their body. Tattoos are permanent and when getting a tattoo placed on a specific body part it is over there. In…

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30 Awesome Tattoos for your Inspiration

What exactly is the definition of awesome tattoos? Well, after asking some questions to tattooed people, it was clear that it depends on the situation the person is going through; this means, you could express that exact feeling and somehow not to forget the reason behind. Now, the next question is, are you ready to explain the tattoo significance to everyone you meet? In this case, you would need to think if you are not going to get tired talking about it, because people will ask. Getting a tattoo is…

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crown tattoos Tattoo Body Art 

32 Beautiful Crown Tattoos

Crown tattoos are a great idea if you are one of those that feel everything rule around you and you are the ruler of your life. For centuries, Kings and Queens were considered the upper echelon of society. Their place among people has always been sought after. Countless Disney story lines are based on fairy tales of Princes and Princesses. To be a King, is to be the ruler of all of the land, however, a Queen is to be the love of the life of the King. As a society,…

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landscape tattoo Tattoo Body Art 

33 Gorgeous Landscape Tattoo

Landscapes are, sometimes, the power to find some inner peace when getting overwhelm by the word surrounding us. A landscape tattoo could also have that power, if you believe it. When being tattooed, your body becomes a canvas for the tattoo artist and what you have planned for him is being in a way painted on you to wear for a lifetime. The world is also like a canvas, and is painted on different parts of the globe. The point is, people travel around the world to visit places to…

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20 Time stopping Tattoos

I’m a huge fan of tattoos featuring pocket-watch, clocks,  and just about any type of time instrument tattoos due to the fact that it can represent a passing or it can celebrate a birth of person’s child at a specific time. Time tattoos to me are some of the best to actually get because I honestly feel they are timeless literally. this article is featuring the old time pocket watch and these have no specific meaning just a very beautiful tattoo designs. The watch says 9:10, but I think it’s time for…

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Native American Tattoos Tattoo Body Art 

Native American Tattoos

Native Americans are known for the love they have for the spirits. Native Americans believed everything had a spirit, from rivers to animals, to the sun to the moon and down to the land they walk on. Their art is displayed still thru many forms such as Pow Wow (North American Indian ceremony involving feasting and dancing). Another Natives prefer being Tattooed. Now, take a look at some of these fantastic and will produce Native American Tattoos.  

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