landscape tattoo Tattoo Body Art 

33 Gorgeous Landscape Tattoo

Landscapes are, sometimes, the power to find some inner peace when getting overwhelm by the word surrounding us. A landscape tattoo could also have that power, if you believe it. When being tattooed, your body becomes a canvas for the tattoo artist and what you have planned for him is being in a way painted on you to wear for a lifetime. The world is also like a canvas, and is painted on different parts of the globe. The point is, people travel around the world to visit places to…

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Animal tattoo designs Tattoo Designs 

Cat tattoo

When thinking of a companion many people think of a man or a woman, but the truth of the matter is that cats are earning the hearts of men and women as companions. Cats are very territorial and once they grow a love for their owners they will not let any man or woman near the ones they love. Cats are not easy on accepting other pets either. Cats are known as the loner animal and refuse to run in packs like dogs. They are often seen as a symbol…

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Japanese tattoo Japanese Tattoos Tattoo Designs 

Japanese tattoo designs for men

A Japanese tattoo can give a significance, depending on what your thoughts are and what you want to express. Japanese tattoos are one of the most beautiful and expressive designs within the tattoo industry. The Japanese were some of the first cultures to express their thoughts and traditions through tattooing. Usually, mythical animals and legendary creatures such as dragons and the phoenix were used as a symbol to continue with their ancient cultures and their interaction with nature. The mother nature was so important for this ancient cultures that even…

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Native American Tattoos Tattoo Body Art Tattoo Designs 

Native American Tattoos

Native Americans are known for the love they have for the spirits. Native Americans believed everything had a spirit, from rivers to animals, to the sun to the moon and down to the land they walk on. Their art is displayed still thru many forms such as Pow Wow (North American Indian ceremony involving feasting and dancing). Another Natives prefer being Tattooed. Now, take a look at some of these fantastic and will produce Native American Tattoos.  

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