32 Beautiful Crown Tattoos

32 Beautiful Crown Tattoos

Crown tattoos are a great idea if you are one of those that feel everything rule around you and you are the ruler of your life.

For centuries, Kings and Queens were considered the upper echelon of society. Their place among people has always been sought after. Countless Disney story lines are based on fairy tales of Princes and Princesses. To be a King, is to be the ruler of all of the land, however, a Queen is to be the love of the life of the King. As a society, we have long left the olden days of Kings and Queens, but still, in a way signify self-worth as that of a King and Queen. To considered yourself a King nowadays is to understand that you have great pride in yourself and hardworking as well as a lot of self-respect you will not settle for anything else than equal. The same goes for women who consider themselves Queens they see themselves as having great pride and hardworking and demand equal respect they will not settle for less and understand that solitude is better than settling for something not up to standards.

Art comes in all shapes and shades. The fact of the matter is people are more and more creative by the day. A person can take a simple cup and turn it into a face with eyes and a nose that looks like a clown. Another person can make a cup in the shape of an elephant head with a long nose to pour the tea out of. Art is freedom of expression and people are using their bodies as a canvas to show off brilliant ideas thru tattoos.

Check the crown tattoos out below!

She’s a princess.

crown tattoos


Below the neck crown.

crown tattoos


Nice finger piece.

crown tattoos


Heart of a king.
crown tattoos



crown tattoos


Very detailed crown.

crown tattoos


The diverse colors!

crown tattoos


Behind the ear shows she is a princess.

crown tattoos


Bicep King.

crown tattoos


Forearm piece.

crown tattoos

20 Time stopping Tattoos

20 Time stopping Tattoos

I’m a huge fan of tattoos featuring pocket-watch, clocks,  and just about any type of time instrument tattoos due to the fact that it can represent a passing or it can celebrate a birth of person’s child at a specific time. Time tattoos to me are some of the best to actually get because I honestly feel they are timeless literally. this article is featuring the old time pocket watch and these have no specific meaning just a very beautiful tattoo designs.
The watch says 9:10, but I think it’s time for me to calm down before I get a pocket watch tattooed on me.


The colors on this one are so diverse just amazing.


Water colors with this watch are amazing.


This watch has an eerie feeling which I like!


You can tell that time means something it’s right on the chest.


A rose and pocket watch what a combo!


Another one!


The whole upper arm is covered masterfully and it doesn’t look like he is done!


That beauty in this.


This one is creative nice unified color and just a bee to counter it.


Wow his whole forearm is covered!


He isn’t even finished!


Blue flower with the pocket watch is magnificent!


Truly beautiful.


This might be the most detailed one such beauty.


The time with a name such a combo.


Time is money.


Red roses with pocket watch with blue inside.





20 Awesome Blue Tattoo designs

20 Awesome Blue Tattoo designs

When picking out a tattoo one of the biggest factors is having the right color scheme and these 20 blue tattoo designs will show you awesome tattoos along with just how much variety there is when it comes just to the color blue in tattooing. Remember to make sure you have the right color scheme and have an idea of what exactly how it will look on your skin or it could end in a bad tattoo experience. Here are some awesome blue tattoo designs.


Blue flowers


The big blue flower with greater design and shows you variety in blues.


Blue Christmas indeed.


Blue feather.



Blue tulip. 


Not single snowflake is the same and neither are these!


I wonder if I scanned the blue bar code how much it would ring up.


1 fish.. 2 fish.. Blue fish!


Blue dream catcher.


I prefer blue reindeer from now on.


Roses are red and these violets are amazingly blue.


This one has me thinking…


This along with the blue snowflakes have me really restless for Christmas.


Blue wing.


Remember I told you about how many different blue schemes there are right?


This blue wolf tattoo just amazes me.


This one makes me look at water drops different now.


Violets again!


Blue reindeer seem to be very popular and very easy on the eyes!


Four moons all blue!!


Very detailed blue violets with a settle shade of blue.