Aquaphor Ointment tattoo aftercare Tattoo Care 

Aquaphor Tattoo Ointment: Buying Guide and Review

Healing your Tattoos with Aquaphor Cream Aquaphor tattoo ointment is popular for tattoo aftercare among artists and clients. The reason for using an ointment is to aid in healing your skin after it has been tattooed as well as prevent dryness and skin irritation. Important note: this is NOT medical advice. Check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients & confirm with your doctor before buying over the counter. Aquaphor Healing Ointment Formulated to relieve diaper rash in 6 hours, Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced is highly effective on…

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Neosporin + Pain Relief Dual Action Tattoo Care 

Neosporin on Tattoo: Buying Guide and Review

Neosporin Ointment: An Alternative to Heal Up Your Tattoos Although, it has been used for tattoo aftercare over the years, the application of Neosporin on tattoo now receives mixed signals on its suitability on new tattoos. Tattoo aftercare requires a good ointment that will help with healing and preventing any infection on the fresh wound. Importantly also, the ointment should preserve the color of your tattoo and not draw it out. Important note: this is NOT medical advice. Check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients & confirm…

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Tattoo aftercare soap Tattoo Care 

Tattoo Aftercare Soap: Cleaning up your Tattoos

Picking up the Right Tattoo Aftercare Soap There are many options of antibacterial soaps available for tattoo aftercare. The basic considerations when choosing tattoo aftercare soap include antibacterial properties to cleanse the skin and remove any bacteria that would cause infection. In order to give you alternatives on good tattoo aftercare soap, we have selected three great soaps available in the market. Here are some details for your review:   H2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap This soap is a mild, paraben free formula for tattoo aftercare. It has antibacterial properties…

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best sunblock for tattoos Tattoo Care 

Best Sunblock for Tattoos Protection: Shield up your Tats

Protect your Tattoos from the Dangerous UV Rays One of the important considerations for your tattoo aftercare should be choosing the best sunblock for tattoos. All tattoos are going to fade with time but your tattoo will fade faster if continuously exposed to the sun without proper sunblock. New tattoos are very sensitive to sunlight because the skin is left as an open wound that needs to be entirely kept away from the sun. Newly tattooed skin gets dry and cracks especially when not moisturized properly.   Picking the best…

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Tattoo Scabbing forearm Tattoo Care Tattoo Facts 

Tattoo Scabbing: First Signs & What to Do

Stopping the scabs on your Tattoos Your skin goes through a series of healing steps after tattooing, which often includes tattoo scabbing. Immediately after tattooing, you will notice a clear fluid coming of the freshly pricked skin. The tattoo is a fresh wound and it may sting and feel swollen. Scabbing starts when your tattoo begins to dry and heal. The severity of scabbing varies in different people but it is mostly a normal healing process after getting a tattoo. What is tattoo scabbing? Scabbing occurs when the tattooed skin…

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Good creams for tattoo aftercare Tattoo Care 

Good Creams for Tattoo Aftercare: The Organic Alternative

Organic Ointments Good for Tattoos Many tattoo lovers are leaning more about the benefits of organic products and applying the advantages of good creams for tattoo aftercare as opposed to using artificial creams. The skin on the tattooed area becomes more sensitive and as your tattoo heals, you need to take special care of the skin to avoid further irritation. Essentially, many people prefer organic creams because they have natural goodness in them to heal the skin faster. Important note: this is NOT a medical advice. Check any allergies to…

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