Semicolon Tattoo: What It Can do for You

What a semicolon tattoo can do for you? In truth, these tattoos are small, however, the importance of tattoos with a semicolon is tremendous.


Many of us may have come across the phrase semicolon tattoo. But it is unlikely that most of us would have any understanding about the same.

In this article, we will have a closer look at the meaning, scope and use of this form of tattoo.

It is often considered to be one of the most popular depression tattoos.

As stress and tension is becoming more and more pronounced, there is a need to correct the same. Hence, there are many who believe that The Semicolon Project could be the right answer to their problems.

Semicolon Tattoo Meaning

When we write something about semicolon, it is used to separate two thoughts but with the fact that there is continuity between one sentence and the other.

In everyday life, it is quite possible that a very few people could be actually using semicolon in their writing, nevertheless we do see a lot of people interacting with semicolons as a tattooing object in different parts of the body.

Basically, it is considered as a means to lift the spirits up for those who are suffering from different forms of depression. To put it in other words, a semicolon represents continuity and does not mean an abrupt end to life because of some unwanted situations and happenings. It is a part of the larger project to help people overcome depression and loneliness.

Other Tattoos For Depression and Anxiety

The semicolon tattoo is part of the overall project undertaken by a group of like-minded people who want to spread the message around about the uniqueness of people. It particularly refers to those who have such tattoos in any part of their body.

It would be pertinent to mention here that there are many other tattoos that have been used for treating depression or to help those with special mental conditions.

Let us have a look at a few such tattoos, which will help us to understand more about the various mental health tattoos.

  • Quote Tattoos

A good quote inked in some parts of the body could be a great way to fight depression and bring back self confidence and hope back in life. It could be a soothing balm for all those who suffer from anxiety. But the tattoo should relate to something personal about their life rather than being a general quote.

This could be a much better way to manage different forms of anxiety, which could turn in depression over a period of time.

  • Landscape Tattoos

A peaceful scene tattoo could also act a wonderful balm for minds and hearts that are disturbed. According to experts, these types of tattoos could be one of the best tattoos for depression and anxiety. Glancing at those beautiful and peaceful scenes could have a positive impact and could help in bringing down tension, stress and anxiety levels for many people.

It could work deep inside the subconscious mind.

  • Animal Tattoos

A strong animal tattooed (such as the ones used in the Japanese culture) on the hand or other visible parts of the body could work wonders for all those who are suffering from anxiety of different kinds. For many, elephants are a symbol of strength, tranquility, and peacefulness. For others, even tattoos of insects and ants could help them to overcome stress-related situations quite successfully.

How Does Semicolon Tattoo Work

There are a number of unique tattoos and they could mean different things to different people who suffer from different stages of anxiety and depression.

The good thing about a semicolon tattoo is that each human-being is the author.

People chooses these tattoos to keep the sentence going rather than ending it abruptly. In other words, the persons who decides to ink and show this tattoo, can choose this form of method to move on with life rather than getting bogged down by events.

Many people could become depressed because of certain events in life, which are extremely overwhelming.

  • Correlation

There is a co-relation between end of sentences and end of life. Sentences obviously end with a full stop. Those who suffer from depression and anxiety often consider certain situations in life as a dead-end. They believe that the last sentence has been written in their lives.

This often leads them to chronic depression and many of them even contemplate ending their lives. In such situations, a semicolon could help them to take a pause and rework their situations. Therefore, when we try to decipher the actual semicolon tattoo meaning from the perspective of the end users, it could have different views for different persons based on their experiences in lives.

Real Life Examples

The proof of the pudding lies in eating. The best way to know more about the semicolon is to try and understand some real life examples.

There are dozens of tattoo designs and it may not be possible to list down each one of them. But we are listing down a few of them so that the readers could understand how profound an impact it could have on persons who are totally down and out from the mental and emotional standpoint.

Wrist semicolon tattoo Keeping the heart beating
Wrist tattoo – Keeping the heart beating


Semicolon tattoo stories that never end
Their stories will never end


Semicolon tattoo - warrior always
Keep fighting inner sleeve semicolon


Forearm semi-colon tattoo
Inner wrist water color tattoo


Arrow tattoo with semicolon on wrist
Arrow tattoo with semicolon on wrist


Butterfly semicolon
Butterfly semicolon


Tiny semicolon hand tattoo
Tiny semicolon hand tattoo


Wrist semicolon love tattoo
Wrist tattoo – loving your live.
Tattoos and Scars with semicolon tattoo
Tattoos and Scars with semicolon tattoo


Semicolon - still looking forward
Miles to go wrist tattoo


Butterfly semicolon
Butterfly semicolon on wrist


Butterfly semicolon shoulder
Black and grey semicolon butterfly


Birds flying free wrist tattoo
Birds flying free wrist tattoo


Butterfly semicolon
Black and gray butterfly semicolon design tattoo


Wrist and heart with semicolon tattoo
Wrist and heart with semicolon tattoo


Wrist and arrow semicolon
Wrist and arrow semicolon


Three fingers with semicolon tattoo wrist
Three fingers with semicolon tattoo wrist


Semicolon embedded in arrow tattoo
Semicolon embedded in arrow tattoo


Semicolon cat tattoo
Semicolon cat tattoo

The Movement Helping People

There has been a real life incident of a man taking his own life after suffering from chronic bi-polar disease for a long time. This certainly left his partner shattered and devastated. Without the support of this tattoo, his partner also might have slipped into irreversible depression.

His partner now, sports a tattoo with a semicolon design on the ring finger. This helped to keep the love alive even more and look back at his struggle with respect, awe and admiration. It may have prevented from planning something outrageous, which many depression patients often do.

It is all about motivation and inspiring people!

Patients, who are victims of depression because of diseases and other events in life, prefer to suffer in silence. These people need company and an escape from solitude. This is where Project Semicolon tattoo plays a big role. Apart from the symbolic tattoo, the group has people who are empathic to one another and supportive of one another.

To Keep in Mind

To sum it up, there is no doubt that having a tattoos with a semicolon design are much more than a symbolic representation for people suffering from depression.

If you have any of your close friends, relatives and family members who need help from depression and anxiety, please give them a reason to change their thoughts and create a powerful motive.

The semicolon tattoo could be a powerful way forward, in more ways than one.


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