Wing Tattoo ideas for Men

A wing tattoo can symbolize different things to people. Some people think and believe that having a wing on a human shape would symbolize power and strength. Of course, this is as result of how angels are represented since the beginning of ages.

Getting back to humans, having a wing tattoo, then, would probably represent protection and power to this person, but what would be the psychology behind the tattoo? There could be a lot behind, such as a expression of freedom, faith to something, connection to animals (any kind of bird), power to get over fear or anything else that could get in front of you.

We have selected a few interesting wing tattoo designs that, hopefully, will find your liking and attractiveness. Please, let you mind fly with these designs.

wing tattoo


wing tattoo

Aside from other factors, what makes wonderful a wind tattoo, from my perspective, is the fact to be able to show off your believes, to show that you have earned that shape, even if it looks unreal.

wing tattoo
Fallen angel wing tattoo. Is this person filling like that? Also, his wings could represent himself getting protection from something and respect to someone.


wing tattoo

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