Why people get tattoos: Daniel's Story Men first tattoos 

Why People Get Tattoos: Daniel’s Story – Be patient, No Worries

Why people get tattoos: Daniel’s story is very particular and is sharing it today on Onpoint Tattoos. Daniel is a Colombian dude that has recreated some of his fantastic ideas into tattoos. But who is he? Daniel migrated from Colombia and has been living in Australia for some time ago. Falling in love of the country was a reality. As a result of his love, he thought that was time to get into action with the ink and body, using it as a canvas to pay respect on one of…

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Wing tattoo Ideas for men Men first tattoos 

Wing Tattoo ideas for Men

A wing tattoo can symbolize different things to people. Some people think and believe that having a wing on a human shape would symbolize power and strength. Of course, this is as result of how angels are represented since the beginning of ages. Getting back to humans, having a wing tattoo, then, would probably represent protection and power to this person, but what would be the psychology behind the tattoo? There could be a lot behind, such as a expression of freedom, faith to something, connection to animals (any kind…

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Men first tattoos 

On Point Tattoo ideas – Skulls

If you were asked what do skulls represent I’m sure the first response would be death, and that is true it does represent death, but at one point in time some ancient societies thought that crystal skulls represent life and were cherished like jewelry and art pieces for how beautifully perfect the skull shape was due to the fact it was different from all other bones in the body its uniqueness was admired by all at the time.  these unique skull tattoos will now have you admiring them as the skulls…

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