Henna Tattoo Designs for Women

Henna Tattoo Designs, or also know as temporary or Mehndi tattoos, are a hot commodity right now.

Somehow, people has considered the fact that henna tattoos are tattoos. In fact, doing a little bit of research, the word “tattoo” is applied when there is a “body modification” where a design is made when injecting ink underneath the dermis (more facts about tattoos, read the Tattoo Facts article).

Considering this fact, we can say that a henna designs should not be considered within the tattoo terminology as the henna art doesn’t require to inject any foreign substance underneath your skin.

Henna Tattoo Facts

Even though, a henna tattoo would be out of the classification as tattoo, the concept has become very popular within the female gender. Many women, specially in India (where the henna art started), have considered this technique as a transformation of their ideas by placing them over their bodies as a way to express their thoughts.

This is hands down something you should try before venturing onto the real deal. A henna tattoo can lasts for days and even a few weeks if well preserved, so that you could make up your mind before getting a real tattoo.

Mehndi Tattoo, which is a word used to describe the tattoos in this article, are usually used in weddings in India as a ceremonial art form which originated in the ancient times.

This is a form of art for soon to be married couples and are now being used internationally due to the sheer beauty of these pieces.

The process takes about 20 mins and usually consist of symmetrical designs and repeated patterns and Henna style flowers.

Henna/Mehndi Tattoo Designs

We have selected and share a few henna designs that you may find very beautiful and inspiring.

Flowers upon flowers.

Flower henna tattoo

Headpiece henna tattoo Design.

Skull flower henna designs


Beautiful Design.

henna hand tattoo


Shoulder Design.

shoulder henna tattoo


Mehndi Thigh Tattoo Design.

henna thigh tattoo design


Upper back Design.

Middle back henna tattoo

Ankle design.

henna tattoo


Whole Design sleeve.

full arm henna tattoo


Wrist Design piece.

hands henna tattoo


Flower cross Design.

lower neck henna design tattoo


Sleeve Design.

white henna tattoo design

Multiple flower designs and butterfly.

sexy henna designs


Finger and wrist combined.

henna tattoo


Upper Design thigh art.

upper thigh henna design


Good example of henna colors.

Sleeve and hand menhdi tattoo


Thigh combined with wrist and hand.

thigh and hand menhdi design


Wrist temporary tattoo design

temporary tattoo on hand


Hand and forearm Design.

henna hand and forearm design


Hand and wrist

hand and wrist


Wrist and finger

henna tattoo


Hand looks real. You can see there is no shading on the design, a characteristic of a tattoo.

front hand and middle finger menhdi tattoo design


Beautiful mix between human body and henna designs

diaphragm and chest temporary tattoo


Thigh with the moon on the inside.

upper thigh with menhdi tattoo design


Excellent designs taking advantage of the skin area.

floral tattoo design with henna


Full knee Design. Good that was not a real tattoo (too painful on the knee).

knee henna design


Backward moon design.

quater moon menhdi design


Well conserved designs.

henna tattoo


Back piece Henna Tattoos Design.

Upper back temporary tattoo


Henna Tattoos are too nice.

henna design on hand and thigh


Thigh pieces featuring beautiful designs.

Floral menhi tattoo design


Neck and diaphragm old henna design. After some days of having the tattoo.

henna tattoo


Ankle and lower leg Design.

henna tattoo


Forearm and hand

henna tattoo

Full arm temporary tattoos design.

full arm temporary tattoo


Pink nails and Henna Design.

henna on fingers


3 piece perfect Henna on thigh.

henna on thigh

Final Thoughts

Many people are starting to venture off in getting a temporary tattoo done, but the fact is with more people getting a tattoo the more bad tattoos are being done (this will depend on your taste).

Unfortunately, there is no much creativity with this type of tattoos as the only thing that can be done is lines around hands (common area), sleeves, forearm and the thigh area.

Keep in mind that the work done on your skin will disappear in several days, which will depend on the quality of the ink but most importantly, the care that you provide to the “tattoo”.

Having a henna tattoo being done before actually getting a permanent tattoo is the easiest way to test the waters before permanently changing your body.

You know, this tattoo will not create any pain during the process, therefore you don’t need to worry about peeling skin, buying a bunch of aftercare tattoo products as expected on tattoos where ink is injected.


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