Good Creams for Tattoo Aftercare: The Organic Alternative

Organic Ointments Good for Tattoos

Many tattoo lovers are leaning more about the benefits of organic products and applying the advantages of good creams for tattoo aftercare as opposed to using artificial creams.

The skin on the tattooed area becomes more sensitive and as your tattoo heals, you need to take special care of the skin to avoid further irritation. Essentially, many people prefer organic creams because they have natural goodness in them to heal the skin faster.

Important note: this is NOT a medical advice. Check any allergies to any components organic creams may have and confirm with your doctor before buying over the counter.

Good Creams for Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo Butter

Made from 100% plant ingredients, Tattoo Butter is ideal for use before, during and after getting a tattoo. It softens the skins and helps with the healing process.

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When used before tattooing, it helps the skin to take in the color exceptionally well. Continued use after tattooing ensures that your tattoo not only maintains but also deepens its colors, leaving it looking bright.

Artists and clients rate tattoo Butter at 4.5 stars alike. It is one of the best organic ointments for tattoos.

Tattoo Silk

Tattoo Silk falls in the category of good creams for tattoo aftercare. It contains natural vitamins and essential oils to heal your skin after getting a tattoo.

Tattoo SIlk good tattoo ointmentCheck Reviews & Price on Amazon

Besides, it can be used on old tattoos to restore lustre and deepen the color. Tattoo Silk also prevents dryness and irritation on the tattooed area and does not clog your pores or cause your tat to fade.

With a 4 star rating among tattoo artists and clients, Tattoo Silk is recommended as a favorable natural ointment for tattoos.

MJ’s Herbals

MJ’s Herbals Tattoo Aftercare Balm is ideal for new tattoos due to its organic herbs and oils. The balm is rated 4.8 stars due to its ability to sooth and heal tattooed skin.

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With this balm, all it takes is a maximum of 4 days to peel and heal the skin while maintaining the color of your tattoo.

Tattoo Salve

The all natural Tattoo Salve is one of the good creams for tattoo aftercare, rated 4.7 starts by both tattoo artists and clients.

Tattoo Salve great tattoo ointmentCheck Reviews & Price on Amazon

Made from organic herbs, it helps heal your tattoo faster while also giving you long-term care for your tattoo. Continued use keeps your tattooed skin healthy and your tattoo lustrous.

Before you go and buy the right ointment: Is Bepanthen Cream Good for Tattoos?

As they look for the best tattoo aftercare cream, some people have opted for Bepanthen Cream. However, the cream is intended to treat nappy rash in children and is NOT IDEAL for tattoo aftercare.

Bepanthen contains petrolatum, which when applied on the skin, can potentially clog the pores. When applied on tattoos, it is likely to cause skin irritation and even distortion of your tattoo as it heals.

In addition, Bepanthen contains numerous artificial ingredients such as alcohol and white wax, and oily ingredients that include lanolin and mineral oil. All these ingredients have the potential to affect your skin, causing burning, redness and allergic reactions that will affect how your tattoo heals.

If you are looking for a good tattoo aftercare cream, consider the other options we have provided.

What are the advantages & disadvantages of organic/natural ointments for tattoos?


Organic ointments for tattoo aftercare have amazing properties that promote healing and keep the skin healthy in the long term. One of the biggest advantages of natural creams is that they contain healing properties. Once applied, they boost the skin’s ability to regenerate fast while also leaving the tattoo intact.

Natural ointments for tattoos have been hailed for their ability to prevent skin irritation and dryness. Most of the oils seep into the skin and the effect lasts longer than products made mainly with chemicals. As a result, your skin stays moist for longer, thus combating the risk of your tattooed area drying up and getting irritated.

Organic ointments for tattoos also contain antibacterial properties. The area on which you are tattooed is prone to infections. Besides keeping it clean always, it is advisable to consider a natural ointment, whose antibacterial properties would prevent infections.

As a long-term benefit, organic ointments contain natural oils that help to maintain the color of your tattoo. As the oils soak into your skin, they help to keep your tattoo looking as good as new.

To summarize:

  • Fast regeneration of skin.
  • Skin where tat was placed, stays moist for longer.
  • Contain antibacterial properties.
  • Contain natural oils.

Beyond the healing phase, you may continue using the organic creams in the long term for bright and vibrant-looking tattoos.


One thing to note, however, is that people have different skin types. No matter the great benefits of the natural creams, the one disadvantage is that some people may still react to them.

The organic creams may irritate some skin types and if this happens, you should discontinue their use immediately and look for what best works for your skin.

Another con with these ointments is that they are a bit more expensive (no much) due to the natural components contained.


  • Some skins still can react against the organic components.
  • More expensive.

Final thoughts on organic ointments for tattoos

Tattoo aftercare is just as important as the prep work you put on finding a professional artist. Good creams for tattoo aftercare should be an option to consider to ensure that your skin heals properly, keeping your tats looking as good as new for the years to come.

Important note: this is NOT a medical advice. Check any allergies to any components organic creams may have and confirm with your doctor before buying over the counter.

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