Forearm tattoos for girls

“Men are from Mars and women are from Venus” is the old saying. When a man gets a forearm tattoo, the first thing that comes to mind is, does this look cool and masculine; on the other hand, when a woman goes the first thing that comes to mind is, does the forearm tattoo look cute and how will it look down the line? Women are thinkers and not gung-ho and the forearm tattoos are one of the most visual tattoo to get. Deciding to get one means you will be wearing it like a badge of honor.

The forearm tattoos below are made special for girls. The beauties below will have your mind racing with plenty of possibilities on these tattoos for girls. Take a look at them and around the site for ideas, but be sure to throw in some ideas from yourself to help elevate the look of these forearm tattoos, even higher or make them even more special.

Pink tulips forearm tattoosforearm tattoos

Pink rose with Mehndi design surrounding.

Think about every time you shook someone’s hand how often your forearm was showing. Everytime right? yes, forearm are hands down one of the first things noticed about a person after shaking someone’s hand because the forearm is right there and having a forearm tattoo will be noticed!.

Hummingbird holding a flower forearm tattoo.
forearm tattoos

Nice full sleeve forearm tattoo extending to upper arm covered with Mehndi inspired designs.
forearm tattoos

The benefit of this type of tattoo is the simple ease of covering the forearm tattoo for work purposes or job interviews. That is why when a person is getting a tattoo for the first time to remember that ease of hiding the tattoo should be taken into account for the simple fact that sadly, we don’t live in a world where everyone is so accepting. That is why a forearm tattoo is such a great pick for a girl due to the fact of hidden art.

Faith and sticking together forearm tattoo.
forearm tattoos

Mehndi flower forearm tattoo.
forearm tattoos

Black work bouquet of flowers forearm tattoo.

forearm tattoos

Standing next to her.

Mehndi inspired flower.

forearm tattoos

Circle Landscape with man’s best friend.

forearm tattoos

Single black flower forearm tattoo.

forearm tattoos

Blue mehndi flower forearm tattoo.

forearm tattoos

Mehndi heart design forearm tattoo.

forearm tattoos

Single forearm tattoo.

forearm tattoos

Very detailed Mehndi design.
forearm tattoos

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