First tattoo ideas for men

First Tattoo Ideas for Men

For those guys that are still unsure about what tattoo to get, we are providing with some ideas so that you can express your thoughts with a tattoo.

Why people get tattoos: Daniel's Story

Why People Get Tattoos: Daniel’s Story – Be patient, No Worries

Daniel's story is very particular and is sharing it today on Onpoint Tattoos. Daniel is a Colombian dude that has recreated some of his fantastic ideas into tattoos. But who is he? Daniel migrated from Colombia and has been living in Australia for some time ago. Falling in love of ...
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Wing Tattoos for men

Wing Tattoo ideas for Men

A wing tattoo can symbolize different things to people. Some people think and believe that having a wing on a human shape would symbolize power and strength. Of course, this is as result of how angels are represented since the beginning of ages. Getting back to humans, having a wing ...
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Tattoo ideas that are Tribal Inspired

On point Tribal Tattoos with a little twist ...
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sleeve tattoos for men

Tribal Sleeve tattoos

If you go to the gym nine times out of ten you will see a majority of gym rats working out their arms. Arms hands down are one of the most pleasing physical features on a man. Women love a man with nice defined arms and women love arms even more when ...
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On Point Tattoo ideas – Skulls

If you were asked what do skulls represent I'm sure the first response would be death, and that is true it does represent death, but at one point in time some ancient societies thought that crystal skulls represent life and were cherished like jewelry and art pieces for how beautifully perfect ...
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Native American On point Tattoo ideas

On point Native American Tattoos ...
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Tribal tattoos for men

Tribal Tattoo Designs

In ancient times, many cultures represented their religion status through painting and representation of their believes. Tribal tattoos were mostly part of that representation and in many cases, these was part of their social status. Representation of their gods and spiritual symbols were also considered important when choosing tribal tattoos, ...
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