Elephant Tattoo: Designs, Ideas, Meanings

When looking for tattoo ideas you will almost always come across the elephant tattoo. Why should you choose this? Well, here are all the answers you need to know about this tattoo.

Tattoo designers and artists are the clue for having a great and interesting tattoo therefore, they can bring different elephant tatttoo ideas to seem very attractive and expressive. No matter the perspective you have on elephants, they will always symbolize power, strength, careless and longevity.


The application of elephant tattoos begun a long time ago in different cultures. For instance, people who took part in the Silk Road trade used elephants as their means of transport. These large animals were able to carry lots of goods and the people
loved them. As a show of appreciation, some people began inking elephant images on their bodies.

As you can see from this background, this tattoo has been used for a long time. Inking one on your body will not only make you look beautiful but also add meaning to your life.

Designs & Ideas

  • Elephant tat outline

This is simply an outline of an elephant with just the major parts drawn. It is really simple and can be made to be any size you wish. It is perfect for people who do not like too much detail.

  • Realistic elephant tattoo.

This is a tattoo that is drawn to be as realistic as possible. This means that it looks exactly like an elephant does. From the outline
to the defining features to the color, the tattoo is made to look exactly like a real elephant. If you love detailed tattoos, this is definitely the one to get.

  • Mini elephant tattoo

This is a small drawing of an elephant that is super tiny. It can be placed in parts of the body that are exposed but you would not want them drawing too much attention. They act as cute little reminders of who you are.

  • Watercolor elephant tat

This is for those who dare to be different. The tattoo is filled with water colors that make it stand out and draw attention to itself. It is for the person who loves color and what nature has to offer.

  • Elephant family tattoo

Need something that will always remind you of the love you have for your family and how close you are? Get this elephant family tattoo and you will always have that. This kind of tattoo can be drawn in different ways; a family hurdled together, walking in a line or any other so long as there is a group of small and large elephants in the design.

Below are some designs that you can appreciate.

Realistic and watercolor elephants


A family of Elephants walking together thru life. Very nice work perfect display.

Family of elephants


Baby colorful cute elephant.

cute elephant tattoos


Outline and tribal elephant on lower wrist.

cute elephant tattoos


Realistic elephant tattoo.

cute elephant tattoos

Elephant Tattoos Meanings in some Cultures

Different cultures have different meanings for elephant tattoos and here are some examples.

  • India

In Hinduism, an elephant is believed to be a symbol of success. This belief is based on their God Ganesha, who is believed to grant wisdom and discernment.

The Indian God Ganesha has a human body and an elephant’s head. This God represents determination, endurance, foundation and wisdom. People have had elephant inked on them with this God in mind and believing that they will overcome any challenges they face.

  • Greeks

The Greeks believed that a tattoo with an elephant would represent a long and peaceful life. The animal is known for living for many years.

In Greece, elephants were used in war during the era of King Phyrrhus. The animals’ big size shocked the enemies and they feared the Greek. The people of Greece wanted to own them but if one could not afford to buy one, they would draw small images of it on their skin. They regarded this as a sign of strength and courage.

In alchemy, the elephant is believed to be a symbol of shrewd discernment, commerce and communication.

Generally, since elephants are large and strong animals, their tattoos are considered a sign of strength and prosperity. Since the animals are friendly, elephant tats are also considered symbols of patience and good luck.

Elephants have been around for thousands of years thru epidemics and wars and have seen a lot and are still thriving along with other animals, yet we never take them time to set and observe their lifestyle from their perspective and learn how life should be lived.

Geometric  – Tribal elephant design.

Tribal elephant design


Representation of an elephant in its natural habitat.

Elephant in its natural habitat design


Abstract tattoo design.

Abstatract design


The detail of this tattoo is amazing (tribal).

Tribal elephant idea


Nice sleeve tattoo piece.

cute elephant tattoos


Baby masked cute elephant.

Baby elephant


Forearm tattoo. Some outline and shading.

cute elephant tattoos


Very well detailed warrior (Greek Culture) elephant tattoo.

Warrior elephant tattoo


Watercolor elephant idea.

Watercolor elephant idea



cute elephant tattoos


Elephants are the largest living land mammals on earth and have a unique mystic about them in many parts of the world. Large ears to be a great listener and don’t use its mouth for anything it is better to hold your tongue than to say something that you will regret and be unable to take back.

Trunks are able to smell what is good or evil, and having a huge stomach is the ability to stomach the good and evil in life.


cute elephant tattoos


Colorful girly cute elephant right on the side of the stomach.

cute elephant tattoos


Half face, which is simply a work of art.

Half face elephant


What you are and what you are made of.

What you are made of


Very well decorated on the upper back easy to be shown off.

Tribal elephant.


People don’t realize life is not always sunshine and rainbows and thunder does strike and doesn’t need to be the end of the world because it doesn’t thunder forever the sun will shine again. I made this post to simply show off the reason why this tattoos should be your choice and to show off some brilliant ideas from around the world.


cute elephant tattoos


Reality of some elephants in the world. From warriors to puppets.

cute elephant tattoos


The colors on this tattoo are just great.
Water color elephant on forearm



Indian elephant



Female elephant


Tiny Elephant

Tiny elephant


cute elephant tattoos


Elephant chief



Elephant drinking water, creating energy


Mother elephant taking care of the baby elephant.

Mom & elephant idea

Why Should you Consider Getting an Elephant Tat?

Whether it is just that you love the animal and nature or there is something you associate with elephants. It is aesthetically appealing and represents strength, success and peace among other symbolic meanings.

It is up to you to decide the meaning you want to attach to it. You will surely love the results.


Elephants are fascinating creatures and they have many likeable qualities. You can use these to help get through life and with a symbol inked on your skin. This may just be the motivation you need to sail through life.

Tattoos are beautiful but you need to get a design that you love. One idea is an elephant tattoo. Choose the right one and you will love the outcome.

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