Brother and Sister Tattoos: Always Connected with your Blood

Brother and Sister tattoos are one of the most common but important tattoos as they represent the unique bond between siblings

The brother and sister tattoos presented here are to give you an idea of what other siblings are doing to complete the bond between first blood relatives.

In reality, there is no background to explain how sibling tattoos are made; it just flows naturally.

Why to have Brother and Sister Tattoos?

Brother and sister tattoos represent partners in crime from the moment you decide to get that precious tattoo. Here are some reason why you should have this connection:

  • Twins: even though there is a clear connection between blood, some people get inked to complete that bond. Also, sometimes they get these tattoos to help others recognize who is who (very thoughtful).
  • Protection: there is a sense of protection knowing that your most close first blood will be there for you.
  • Love: this is more common on siblings that were raised in a particular way. Parents a an important key to help family to love each other.
  • Permanent bond: some brothers or sisters take tough decision thru life. One of the most common ones is when they depart to other cities or countries. The tattoo will be a constant reminder that there is a person that is always thinking about them.
  • Matching thoughts: brothers and sisters will grow up with different ideals based on the environment they live with. Most of the times, sharing the same perspectives and passions will be represented through brother and sister tattoos.
  • Events: sometimes, we go through very tough times or suffer unfortunate events. Some people get matching tattoos to show the beloved person that they are with them no matter the situation they are traveling.

Common Sibling Tattoos Designs

Now, with enough reason to go ahead and get a matching sibling tattoo it is time for your to look at some ideas that other first blood people have done to complete that family connection.

Always there to listen to her beloved sister.

Sibling tattoos - Two (2) little girls connected


Brother and sister tattoos: flower on forearm.

Forearm black and grey flower tattoo


The Moon and Sun always together.

Monn and Sun sibling tattoos


Arrows pointing at each other – sister love tattoo.

Arrow finger tattoos


Brother and sister matching tattoo. Always remembering the childhood and looking at each other (swing girl wrist tattoo).

Brother and sister matching tattoo on the swing at childhood.


‘Ohana’ means family. Black and grey tattoo

Ohana thigh tattoo


Different, but the same sister love tattoo.

Day of the dead foot tattoo

In life, you can choose what you wear and how you wear it; you can also eat what you want when you want and where you want. You have many choices, but one thing you don’t choose is your family that is chosen for you.

The old saying is, ‘blood is thicker than water stands true‘.

Not matter what argument you get into with your sibling; when the going gets tough they are there for you. When you are sick, your brother or sister will be there always and when you are tired and don’t feel you can go on anymore again they will push you to tackle that obstacle.

Sibling tattoos for 3: Oldest to the youngest sister love tattoo

Sibling tattoos for 3 - the oldest to youngest


Those tattoos will always be there.

Wish you were here tattoo quote


Sister and brother making the perfect heart beat.

Heart beat sisterly tattoo


Chinese doll forearm sisterly tattoo

Chinese doll forearm tattoo


Matching sister tattoo – mermaids.

The mermaids inner sleeve sisters tattoo


Another Sun and Moon matching sister love tattoo design

Sun and moon sister tattoo designs


Sister tattoos for 4. Together that are complete.

love tattoos


I remember the first time I moved away to college. I was scared and sad and the first thing I thought to myself was I wish my sister was here.

Because she knew me more than I knew myself and knew exactly what to say to get me mad and to make me smile like a little kid with cake.

Whenever you’re in trouble, the first person that comes to your mind is usually the one you trust the most and can confide in with no hesitation the one you’re willing to go to hell and back for. Sisters and brothers are the one to always be willing to tango and it does take two or more to tango.

Sister tattoos for 3. Birds a feather flock together sister love tattoo.

love tattoos


You are my person no matter what.

love tattoos


Sisters together. Each unique, but forever sis.

love tattoos


Like earth to water.

love tattoos


Promise that you can’t break.

Keep me safe and wild forearm tattoo for sisters


Sister tattoo quote. Can’t live without each other.

Sister quote tattoo


Little but big.

Little heart tattoo - Big in my heart.

Final Thoughts

Brother and sister tattoos are usually something done based on individual preference and often used to celebrate a special moment or as a personal artistic expression type of thing.

There is truly no pack closer than family no matter how annoying big/little sisters and big/little brothers were throughout the years.

In the end, no-one truly has your back like siblings. Thru expression of art on the body or tattoos for short.

I hope you enjoy these special sibling tattoos ideas and I hope they gave you the inspiration to call up you partner in crime to go out and get one.

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