60 Amazing Tiny Tattoos for Girls

Tiny tattoos will look a bit different on a man that a woman, of course, depends on the piece of art.

It is no secret that most of the women are smaller than men physically, but, what is stronger between a shot of vodka and a beer? Nowadays, women are coming out of their shell and showing up how tough they are, by competing with men in all sorts of aspects.

One of them is with tattoos as it looks pretty much more beautiful, no matter the size, isn’t it?  It is just plain and simple, women are simply more bad ass than ever before.

Getting tiny tattoos is very different for the opposite sexes. For men, they are pretty much gun hoe about the situation and will go all out for their first tattoo. They will get a huge dragon or tiger covering their back, which I appreciate as a tattoo enthusiast, but too ballsy for me literally.

Women are again very emotional but take the time to make certain choices that can affect them for life, and think of consequences of their actions and want something small, yet cute for their first tattoo.

Tiny Tattoo Ideas for Women

Women, naturally, have that raw emotion that men don’t have. Motherly instinct that gets them thru tough times. Women have it in their mind to tough it out for their cub. Yes, women are smaller but extremely fierce. Consider that little tattoos could cause the same effect if tattooed on the right spot.

Before you check some of these tattoo designs, be aware that picking up a little tattoo could be a difficult task for the tattoo artist; this means that the smaller the tattoo you choose, the more detail has to be placed in order to complete the lines and curves of your design. Be mindful with this.

To create some ideas and bring some inspiration, here are some small tattoos for women that you would definitively love.

Purple moon, what a nice tattoo.

tiny tattoos


Pink flower small tattoo.

small tattoo - pink flower


We know that our solar system is very vast but it looks very beautiful on this forearm.

tiny tattoos for women - solar system


Heart on the ring finger. Such a beauty for such a small tattoo.

small tattoo - heart on finger


Cute and simple.

black and gray flower tattoo


Someone loves music.

little tattoo for women


Ankle black and gray flower tattoo.

small tattoo on ankle

Very cute flower tattoo.

tiny tattoos upper ankle


Stepping into outer space.

Saturn coming out from a small tattoo


Another lottle flower tattoo.

three leaves little tattoo

Women and flowers are perfect.

small rose tattoo


Semicolon and periods.

Semicolon small tattoo


Let go.

tiny tattoos


Furry feline. 

Small cat tattoo

Love very cute little heart tattoo.

little heart tattoo


Reminds you of ink cartridges right?

Four little dots tattoo


Small Abstract triangle tattoo.

Small blue color tattoo


Black and grey moon. Window to our solar system through the moon.

Window to our solar system through the moon


Easily hidden beautiful flower.

Little flower tattoo


Tiny stars tattoo.

tiny stars tattoo


Pink flower tiny tattoo.

Pink flower small tattoo


Black and grey bumble bee small tattoo.

Small bee tattoo


“Yes you can” tattoo quote

tiny tattoos


Flowers and their roots.

Small tattoos for women


Water color seashell.

Seashell small forearm tattoo


Ying yang little tattoos.

Yin yan small tattoos


Cute cat small tattoo for girls.

little cat tattoo on wrist


Small Birds alike flock together.

Small Birds alike flock together tattoo.


Abstract small elephant tattoo.

small elephant tattoo


Rainbow skull.

Colorful small skull tattoo


Lighting bolt middle finger small tattoo.

middle finger small tattoo


Pink flower small tattoo for girls.

Pink flower small tattoo for girls.


Try or fail before trying.

Sink or swim forearm tattoo


Rainbow another small tattoo for girls.

Ligh range color tattoo


Palm tree little tattoo on ankle.

Palm tree little tattoo on ankle.


Blue flower.

tiny tattoos


Kitty cat nice and small tattoo for girls.

small cat tattoo


Small tattoo for girls lady bug.

Small tattoo for girls lady bug.


Small bird on a power line.

Small bird on a power line.


Bicycle small tattoo for women.

Bicycle small tattoo for women


Small tattoo bird flying phases.

Small tattoo bird flying phases


Brave – Tattoo quote.

tiny tattoo quote

Triangle small tattoo for girls.

Triangle small tattoo for girls.

Lion tooth flower small tattoo for women.

Lion tooth flower small tattoo for women.


Firefly on wrist.

Firefly on wrist.


Smoking a cigarette forearm small tattoo.

Smoking a cigarette forearm small tattoo.


Abstract red triangle.

Abstract red triangle.


Little eggs tattoo for girls.

Little eggs tattoo for girls.


Arrow tattoo.

Arrow tattoo.


Love for God tattoo.

Love for God


A good way to find the true north with this small tattoos for women.

small tattoos for women


Infinite little but big tattoo.

Infinite little but big tattoo.

Final Thoughts on Small Tattoos for Women

Looking at all the small tattoos for women shown before, it is clear that this could be a good start if you are still unsure about that first tattoo you want to have.

The best places to ink a tiny tattoo would be the wrist, shoulders and ankles, boy areas where in fact look much better this little tattoos. Keep in mind that the smaller the tattoo the more difficult for the tattoo artist to complete a great design so do not be too complicated when choosing your tattoo.

If you liked these interesting tattoos and want to see more, keep browsing some other women tattoo ideas.


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