32 Beautiful Crown Tattoo Designs

Crown tattoos signify royalty and power and elegance. The creme de le creme, the upper echelon of society. Also, signifies princess’s and prince’s as well as Kings and Queens. Crown tattoos are the inspiration for today’s article and the tattoos below are some of the inspired creative art that should give you an idea of what to get when headed to the tattoos shop to get a crown tattoo.

The purple crown is amazing.
crown tattoos


The red just pops out so well.

crown tattoos


Water color crown.
crown tattoos


Another one!

crown tattoos


Crown on shoulder.

crown tattoos


King and Queen, together.

crown tattoos


Nice way to show loyalty.


You don’t have to have the crown on you head, to show loyalty and power. Together for ever.crown tattoos


Last but not least, the King of the jungle. Who said that we only can be kings.crown tattoos

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