creative tattoos Why people get tattoos? 

30 Creative Tattoos that will blow your mind

When thinking of tattoos, the first thing that comes to mind is art, and the true definition of art is one’s way of being creative and imaginative. Creative tattoos are all over peoples bodies, but it will look creative as long as they believe it was placed there for a good reason. When seeing a tattoo on a person is like when you see their creative side thru ink on their body. Tattoos are permanent and when getting a tattoo placed on a specific body part it is over there. In…

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Why people get tattoos? 

30 Awesome Tattoos

When you get up in the morning I’m almost certain that you look in mirror in the morning fixing your hair. When you’re about to leave for work or just, in general, leave the house I’m sure you look in the mirror to make sure your clothes aren’t a mess. Everyone, in general, inspires to look their best and the fact of the matter is if we could choose to look our best every day than we would. Getting a tattoo is big step make sure you go to a reputable…

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Native American Tattoos Tattoo Body Art Why people get tattoos? 

Native American Tattoos

Native Americans are known for the love they have for the spirits. Native Americans believed everything had a spirit, from rivers to animals, to the sun to the moon and down to the land they walk on. Their art is displayed still thru many forms such as Pow Wow (North American Indian ceremony involving feasting and dancing). Another Natives prefer being Tattooed. Now, take a look at some of these fantastic and will produce Native American Tattoos.  

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