Amazing elephant tattoo


Animals are usually the go to for a first tattoo. I’m going to explain why plenty of people are starting to get elephant tattoo. A lot of people are now starting to realize how majestic the elephant is and now wanting an elephant tattoo. For example, ever see an elephant move? They move with such grace for such a big animal. Every step is slowly taken as if that is the right way to move thru life. People think well elephants move slowly because of how big they are! Wrong elephants are capable of moving up to 25 miles an hour but decide to move slowly and people are starting to realize life should be enjoyed slowly like an elephant walk. A lot of people don’t know this about elephants, but elephants can distinguish between languages and know which languages are known to hunt them and can often infuriate and cause them to start stampeding towards them.

Elephants have been around for thousands of years thru epidemics and wars and have seen a lot and are still thriving along with other animals, yet we never take them time to set and watch them and observe their lifestyle from their perspective and learn how life should be lived.

Elephants are the largest living land mammals on earth and have a unique mystic about them in many parts of the world. In, India they believe the elephant has all the characteristics of a perfect disciple. Large ears to be a great listener and don’t use its mouth for anything it is better to hold your tongue than to say something that you will regret and be unable to take back. Trunks are able to smell what is good or evil, and having a huge stomach is the ability to stomach the good and evil in life. People don’t realize life is not always sunshine and rainbows and thunder does strike and doesn’t need to be the end of the world because it doesn’t thunder forever the sun will shine again. I made this post to simply show off the reason why elephant tattoos should be your choice and to show off some brilliant ideas from around the world.



Below are tattoos appreciating elephants and showing why you should get an elephant tattoo.


A family of Elephants walking together thru life very nice work perfect display of what an elephant tattoo should be.


Baby colorful elephant tattoo.


Origami elephant tattoo lower wrist.


Realistic elephant tattoo.


Geometric elephant tattoo.


Safari inside the elephant tattoo.


Abstract elephant tattoo.


The detail of this elephant tattoo is amazing.


Nice arm piece elephant tattoo.


Baby masked elephant tattoo.


Forearm elephant tattoo.


Very well detailed warrior elephant tattoo.


Cute Watercolor elephant tattoo.


Tribal Elephant tattoo.


Grey elephant tattoo which half is amazing detail.


Colorful girly elephant tattooright on the side of the stomach.


Half elephant tattoo which is simply a work of art.


Jungle in the elephant never leaves this elephant tattoo is my favorite.


Very well decorated elephant tattoo on the upper back easy to be shown off.


Nice contrast in this elephant tattoo


This elephant tattoo is really abstract.


The colors on this elephant tattoo are just ridiculous.

Ying and yang elephant tattoo


Nice bicep elephant tattoo


I want to marry this elephant tattoo


Huge elephant tattoo covering her whole thigh.


This is a tribal elephant tattoo.


A nice upper back elephant tattoo.


Mother elephant taking care of the baby elephant tattoo



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