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32 Beautiful Crown Tattoos

For centuries Kings and Queens were considered the upper echelon of society they hands down were seen as high society. Their place amongst people has always been sought after. Countless Disney story lines are based on fairytales of Princes and Princesses. To be a King is to be the ruler of all of the land and to be a Queen is to be the love of the life of the King. As a society, we have long left the olden days of Kings and Queens, but still, in a way signify self-worth as that of a King and Queen. To considered yourself a King nowadays is to understand that you have great pride in yourself and hardworking as well as a lot of self-respect you will not settle for anything else than equal. The same goes for women who consider themselves Queens they see themselves as having great pride and hardworking and demand equal respect they will not settle for less and understand that solitude is better than settling for something not up to standards.

Art comes in all shapes and shades. The fact of the matter is people are more and more creative by the day. A person can take a simple cup and turn it into a face with eyes and a nose that looks like a clown. Another person can make a cup in the shape of an elephant head with a long nose to pour the tea out of. Art is freedom of expression and people are using their bodies as a canvas to show off brilliant ideas thru tattoos.

Crown tattoos are the expression of self-worth on a person body. The assortment of colors is a visual representation of a person’s character and qualities as a person. Bright multicolored crown tattoos show off bright happy go lucky personality. A more dark crown shows off the characteristics of a crown tattoo, but more reserved and quiet. The main point is that a crown tattoo shows a person self-respect and not settling.

Crowns signify royalty and power and elegance. The creme de le creme the upper echelon of society. Also, signifies princess’s and prince’s as well as Kings and Queens. Crown tattoos are the inspiration for today’s article and the tattoos below are some of the inspired creative art that should give you an idea of what to get when headed to the tattoos shop to get a crown tattoo. Check the crown tattoos out below!



She’s a princess.


Below the neck crown.


Nice finger piece.

crown-finger-tattooHeart of a king.



Very detailed crown.


The diverse colors!


Behind the ear shows she is a princess.



Bicep King.


Forearm piece.


Flower crown.


Crown with the flower.


She is a princess.


Forearm piece.


Upper back.


Behind the neck shows she is a princess!


She is a diamond princess.


Crown maximim.

Diamond crown.


Crown and a fort.

The purple crown is amazing.

The red just pops out so well.


Water color crown.

Another one!



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