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30 Awesome Tattoos

When you get up in the morning I’m almost certain that you look in mirror in the morning fixing your hair. When you’re about to leave for work or just, in general, leave the house I’m sure you look in the mirror to make sure your clothes aren’t a mess. Everyone, in general, inspires to look their best and the fact of the matter is if we could choose to look our best every day than we would. Getting a tattoo is big step make sure you go to a reputable shop makes sure they are up to standards and are great at what they do because you are trusting them with your flesh. Think of it this way if you wake up and brush your teeth every morning and make sure to wear clean clothes then why would you want to walk around with a terrible tattoo.

When getting a tattoo you want something that will put people in awe as well as to fulfill your standards. When you’re having a bad day and someone says to you that is an awesome tattoo that will make you bad day awesome. Wearing a great pair of pants with an nice shirt and awesome tattoo to match is just simply awesome. Everyone likes compliments and having a compliment about your awesome tattoo should be one.

Everyone in life has done something that they regret maybe it was not asking a woman out or not making a move on a man that they truly liked and then seeing them with someone else. Life is filled with regrets and to have a tattoo on you for the rest of your life and regret it is hands down a slap in the face every morning seeing it. The old saying is slow and steady wins the race and hands down it is the truth honestly taking it slow and steady will save yourself from regret which any money saved going to a rink a dink tattoo shop isn’t worth the agony of wearing a tattoo you regret don’t rush a bad idea instead of taking the time to broaden yourself to more ideas. Make sure you pick an awesome tattoo which you’re proud of instead of a one you will regret and i promise you it will be bad if you don’t take the time. Below are 30 awesome tattoo ideas that will help you decide on what your next awesome tattoo should be.

Beautiful rose on a beautiful woman.


Flower on the tricep.


Three beautiful faces.


Nice abstract triangle eye.


Geometric tattoo with a dead tree.


Sailor with nothing, but the sea on his mind.


Great variation color with these flowers.


Cute deer.


Taste of the sea.


Master ballerina.



Just simply wow.




Beautiful, but deadly.




Very detailed butterfly.


Heard of the four horse man well here is the four flowers.




Gentleman with flowers.


Handshake with a flower.


Mermaid is one of kind.


Tiny plane.


Tiny flower, yet amazing.


Paper plane in a flower bush.


Woman relaxing.


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