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There are stages when getting a tattoo. First, whether or not you should get a tattoo and second if you choose to get a tattoo where it should be placed and third the size and look of the tattoo. When thinking of getting a tattoo on your body the first thing that should ring in your head is your body is a blank canvas the ink used is permanently engraved on the skin and is no way to fully be restored to what it once was after the process is done. Once you’re passed this step the fun part of looking thru a bunch of beautiful tattoos is up and on this site we have a bunch. I’ve always said that when getting a tattoo what you should be thinking of is wanting to make sure it is special and making sure it is a beautiful tattoo. The tattoo should enhance your beauty and in a way be an accessory to your body a beautiful tattoo will enhance your body and a terrible one can make yourself look like a laughing stock.

The best part of preparing of getting a tattoo is honestly looking thru all the beautiful tattoo designs for possible inspiration for a future tattoo to put on one’s self. Now with social media being at an all time high, there is constantly new and beautiful tattoos being showed off daily and can be a very difficult task picking out a beautiful tattoo. It seems like every day a brand new tattoo are being shown off and honestly, it can be very hard picking a tattoo and sometimes can lose track of time just by skimming thru a bunch of beautiful tattoos. Searching thru tattoos can honestly leave you with cold feet just by the fact of not being sure if the tattoo your looking at is the right one for you. On this site, we just like to show of beautiful tattoos to help you focus in on a certain idea and all of the beautiful tattoos should have something added with a little flavor from yourself. So here you go these tattoos below are some beautiful tattoos for women! Hope to inspire some ideas of what to get for your future tattoos and hope to also make sure you don’t regret any tattoo because remember tattoos are permanent.

The forest inside the butterfly such a beautiful tattoo.


Abstract reindeer.


The watercolor fox amazing beautiful tattoo.


The contrast in color is so neat.


A cute house inside a pineapple beautiful tattoo.


The contemporary art tattoo.


The watercolor peacock.



Geometric design tattoos.


Beautiful tattoo little kitty cat!


Simply pretty.


Howling at the moon beautiful tattoo.


The black ink butterfly.


This cat tattoo makes me say “aww”.


Ballerina reaching for a heart balloon how cute!


The loving love birds beautiful tattoo.


The elk surrounded by birds and flowers.


Very interesting tattoo.


The geometric design!


Little panda!


Simply beautiful tattoo.







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