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20 cute tiny tattoos

Nowadays everyone has tattoos and they’re nowhere near taboo as they once were and that’s a great thing because tattoos are a way a person expresses themselves. Getting a tattoo takes time and effort to ensure that it’s the right tattoo to make sure it’s something the person wants and is fully committed to getting the tattoo. I’ve said it before that big tattoos should always be a person’s 4th or 5th tattoo I always personally felt that a person should always ease into the tattoo world. Something small and easy to cover if need be should always be the first tattoo just for the simple fact that hey you might regret it down the line. No-one is perfect and no tattoo is perfect and even thou you think the idea you have envisioned is great and the shop is perfect the fact of the matter is it is always better safe than sorry and having a small first tattoo is always better than going all out with a huge tattoo that is just unable to be hidden . There are small ones and some people are able to go big for their first tattoos and some aren’t, but here are some tiny tattoos that are great for first timers. This tiny tattoos will give an idea of what a small tattoo can be. Just because the tattoo is tiny doesn’t mean it can signify something great and big. Please take your time and look over these tiny tattoos to help you decide on which tattoo is great for a tiny first timer.


Tiny and adorable cute tiny tattoos. 


Bite size watermelon cute tiny tattoos.


Cute flower cute tiny tattoos.


Small pineapple cute tiny tattoos.


Tiny butterfly followed by a tinier one cute tiny tattoos.


So subtle cute tiny tattoos.


A small cup of coffee, please! Cute tiny tattoos


Tiny paw.


Water-color butterfly cute tiny tattoo.


Small and beautiful.


Tiny black and gray flowers and plane.


Small, but this cupcake look delicious.


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